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It can be very difficult to find the right outdoor wedding venue. It can depend on many variables. Are you looking for a venue that only offers outdoor wedding receptions? Or do you need an outdoor wedding reception to be preceded by an outdoor wedding ceremony?  Does the venue cater the food or will you have to look for a separate catering company? The list can go on and on.

Salvatore’s is not only one of the most beautiful outdoor wedding venues in Chicago and surrounding suburbs , but it also has coordinators with tremendous experience.


Salvatore’s is located in the heart of Lincoln Park.

Lincoln Park is one of the best neighborhoods in Chicago. From modern to classical buildings, to being accented by the youthfulness of families and DePaul students, to residents that have lived and supported the quality of life Lincoln Park has offered for their entire lives. But even though you are surrounded by all the life around Salvatore’s, you still experience the intimacy of Salvatore’s. This is experienced indoors and outdoors. Just the way you are joining lives with your fiancé, you are also bringing two families and friends together. If you want organic inclusion and unmatched intimacy, Salvatore’s is perfect for you. Not only is Salvatore’s a beautiful indoor wedding venue, but it is also is one of the unmatched, beautiful outdoor wedding venues.

Salvatore’s, a Chicago Wedding Venue | 525 W Arlington Pl, Chicago, IL 60614 | 773-528-1200 |

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