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At Salvatore’s Ristorante we love helping brides and grooms make their dream wedding a reality. From the engagement to the wedding reception and beyond, we are with you every step of the way. We have a beautiful location for a wedding in Chicago. At Salvatore’s we have two wedding planners that have coordinated 1000s of weddings, who have given 1000s of newlyweds the perfect start to the next chapter in their life. We pride ourselves on smiles and tears of joy. Here is some feedback we have received from our fabulous brides, grooms, guests, and others:

Molly R.
February 21st, 2015

“We had our wedding ceremony and reception at Salvatore’s in February, 2015, and were thrilled with our choice. The restaurant is beautiful and the perfect space for an intimate wedding ceremony and reception. The whole venue has a charming, old-school feel, and was such a warm and inviting atmosphere for the wedding. If you are looking for a site where you can have both your ceremony and reception, I would highly recommend Savlatore’s. It was so easy to have the ceremony in the main room, followed by cocktail hour in the bar area while they converted the main room for dinner service (in less than 30 minutes). The whole process was incredibly smooth and efficient. Overall, choosing Salvatore’s made our planning incredibly low maintenance, as the venue provided the perfect location for our ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception, as well as a full food and drink package that included linens, tables, chairs, microphones/audio system, etc. Additionally, Amanda and Suzi, the venue coordinators, were very attentive to detail and easy to work with. They were always available when we needed to come in and see the space, and were very prompt and reliable about returning phone calls or emails, or answering last minute questions. They were also invaluable on the day of the wedding, as they helped to ensure everything ran smoothly with all the vendors and set-up, and even assisted us in timing/orchestrating the ceremony (telling people when to start processing, etc). We had considered hiring a separate wedding planner, but it definitely was not necessary, as Amanda and Suzi were able to fill that role completely. 
Finally, the food at Salvatore’s is incomparable. Our guests are still raving about it. It really doesn’t get any better when it comes to wedding food. We are so glad we chose Salvatore’s for our wedding and would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone!”

Josh S.

My husband I were married at Salvatore’s. The wedding was a fantastic success, in no small part due to the amazing attention to detail on the part of the phenomenal Salvatore’s staff! If you’re looking for a beautiful, wonderful wedding venue, then guess what? You’ve found it. Salvatore’s provided everything we wanted in a venue and then some, and we’re incredibly grateful to them that our wedding was so tremendously awesome.

Suzi and Amanda were very thoughtful, responsive, and kind. They were full of wonderful ideas — we came in slightly below the minimum required for a Saturday booking, and they suggested some really novel ways to satisfy our guests that everyone really appreciated. For example, we had grilled cheese and sliders as midnight snacks: not surprisingly, everyone loved them. They also had excellent ideas for the wedding itself and even served as organizers and planners. I never felt like I needed a professional wedding planner with them on the job.

Particularly Suzi is amazing at what she does: I liked Amanda very much but Suzi was the linchpin of our entire experience. We are incredibly grateful for the hard work she did to make our wedding a tremendous success, and we always felt like we were in very capable hands indeed. Not a surprise, considering how many weddings she orchestrates!

The day of, the venue was pleasantly full but not crowded at all. We had 140 people attending our wedding (not small by any means) and Salvatore’s fit us all amply with room to spare. Hors d’oeuvres and dancing in the ballroom were pretty much perfect: there were enough people to get a good feeling for mingling and dancing, but there was always ample space at the bar or the more quiet foyer if one wanted a small break from the festivities. We had 17 tables in the dining room, and it could probably have easily fit three more without difficulty, so everyone had enough room to get around during dinner too.

The ceremony itself was beautiful. Salvatore’s is a very photogenic place, and with all our flowers and guests it was even more amazing. Everything was set up perfectly for the ceremony, and the Salvatore’s staff rapidly and efficiently switched everything from ceremony to dining room while we were enjoying food and cocktails in the ballroom. Every transition happened without a hitch, an incredible credit to the professionalism of the establishment.

And let me glow for a second about the food! I really wanted a venue where good food wasn’t just an afterthought. Salvatore’s provided in spades. The dishes we were served at the wedding were just as good as at our tasting, and were also some of the most excellent Italian I’ve had. Try the tortellini casalinga in particular, it’s to die for. And we had multiple people tell us that the tiramisu was the best they’ve had, and I would actually agree with them. That we could get such amazing food for our wedding and satisfy all 140 guests (including one vegan and one gluten intolerant) speaks volumes to the level of service and satisfaction Salvatore’s provides.

Also, if you have the opportunity to meet Mr. Salvatore himself, you should definitely do so! He was on-hand during the ceremony and pushed my wheelchair-bound nephew up and down the ramps they provided, and at the end of the evening, he was there to help me load up the car with our presents. Definitely the picture of a gracious and friendly host.

Suzi and Amanda even dealt with last-minute changes with aplomb. A week before the wedding I realized we didn’t have standing tables in the ballroom or ribbons to tie the tablecloths at the bottom. Suzi somehow arranged everything despite the lateness of my realization, and on the day of everything was just as I imagined it would be.

But perhaps the best part of Salvatore’s is they really do take care of just about everything. They take care of your service, your dinner, and your reception; they provide food and cake and alcohol — really all we had to find ourselves was flowers, DJ, and whatever linens Salvatore’s doesn’t have on-hand. Salvatore’s provides recommended vendors for all additional services they don’t do themselves. And Salvatore’s prices were more than reasonable: I felt like I got a superb value for the amount of money I spent, and the huge variety of services they provided.

If you can’t tell from the length of my review and the glowing praise I’ve lavished on them, my wedding was special in no small part because of Salvatore’s amazing services and wonderful establishment. I’m incredibly grateful for everything they’ve done for me — I feel like they went way, way above and beyond the call of duty. If you’re on this page reading this review, then let me tell you now: your search for your venue is over. You should definitely, definitely choose Salvatore’s to do your wedding.

Lynda C.
September 26th, 2014

As the mother of the bride, I found Salvatores professional, friendly and completely informed. Given that I do not live in the Chicago area, their clear, honest and prompt communication was a steady bridge to our wedding planning. There was an immediate response to all inquiries. When we were just looking and comparing venues, they quickly returned our phone calls. Once we selected Salvatores, they promptly scheduled a face-to-face review of an agreement. The agreement either included or assisted with most of the wedding and reception details. As we got closer to the wedding and specific questions concerning the agreement did arise, again, the Salvatores staff (Amanda) did respond quickly, clearly and always respectfully.
Many of our guests have commented on the Salvatores experience. The have shared that the food, appetizers and drinks were delicious and in abundance (I also agree). And they have consistently mentioned the beauty of the setting.

This venue transformed into timeless class. The grand piano in the entry distinctively welcomed our guest. Romantic lighting beamed through crystal in both dining areas. The presence of wood trim, frames and furniture (oak, walnut and cherry) provided an abiding sense calm fortune. Acoustics were great. The staff severed with ease yet efficiency.

The over-all Salvatores wedding day experience made for story book, “happy ever after” wedding day memories. Thank you Salvatores…. and yes I highly recommend this venue.

Giles T.
July 19th, 2014

“My husband and I did an exhaustive search of wedding venues when we got engaged, we were looking for a smaller, unique, comfortable space that would inspire a romantic evening. Immediately when we walked in the door of Salvatore’s, we fell in love with the place and when we met the staff, we knew it was our venue. The outside patio, where we had our ceremony, is gorgeous and beautifully decorated. And the two bar areas inside inspire a vintage feel and one is in a great room for dancing.

We mainly worked with Suzi but also with Amanda a bit. They were both amazing to work with and so accommodating. We wanted to do things a little custom, we had different ideas for the food and wanted to do a station set up. Suzi worked with us and the chef to bring our ideas to life and I couldn’t have asked for anything better! She did a great job of taking what we wanted and making it work with what was in season and what the chef thought would be best. We also used some of their signature menu items, people are still raving about the veal pasta J

Throughout the whole planning process, Suzi and Amanda answered my never ending questions and helped me rain in my ideas to make everything come together and look beautiful. Everything turned out so perfectly the day of the wedding, the food was AMAZING day of and everything looked beautiful. Suzi was awesome at the wedding, totally on top of everything and made sure we didn’t have to worry about a thing.

We would highly recommend Salvatore’s to anyone looking for a smaller, unique venue. The space is beautiful and the staff is amazing to work with and it is honestly the best deal in the city.

Matt S.

Salvatore’s is one of Chicago’s top wedding venues….

They have everything a couple needs and/or could desire. They have a wonderful atmosphere, outstanding food, and a highly experienced and professional staff. Essentially, you received 5 star treatment from a 5 star venue.

Suzi & Amanda are experienced, assertive, and exceptionally friendly. They know all aspects of their venue very well. They truly function as the wedding coordinators, as hiring a 3rd party coordinator becomes excessive and truly a waste of $. If any potential brides are reading this, please trust in Suzi & Amanda, and don’t waste your time or $ on any outside coordinator!!!

The food as Salvatore’s is truly amazing!  The number of meal options in addition to the quality of food is outstanding and is far superior to most wedding venues in Chicago. Their food is exceptional and shouldn’t even be compared to “wedding” food.

Salvatore’s has won many awards via the Knot & WeddingWire and has great reviews posted all over the internet for a reason. They are simply fantastic. Well done Salvatore’s!

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