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Wedding Reception

It’s not a wedding reception, unless it’s a perfect wedding reception…

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Salvatore’s brings elegance to another level.

Chicago offers a wide array of wedding reception places ranging from your typical basic wedding venue, to the more luxurious wedding venues. Most brides, grooms, and couples do not even know where to begin.

Salvatore’s falls under the more luxurious, unique wedding venues. We designed our venue to have a romantic and classy ambiance, we designed it to make your wedding as magical as possible. From our elegant decor, hardwood floors, abundance of natural lighting, and world class menus and food, the details throughout Salvatore’s will enhance your’s and your guests’ experience. We at Salvatore’s are proud to be one of Chicago’s best places for wedding receptions.

When you are visiting wedding venues, make sure to ask every question you can, because a wedding venue is such a huge part of your wedding reception. The ideal thing to do, is to write all the questions down at every visit.  This way you can compare everything the venues offer; also, if you forget to ask one wedding venue a question, you can always email or call them to receive an answer.

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