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Wedding Places

Where to start with the right wedding places?

A centerpiece decorates a grand piano at Salvatore's.

A beautiful centerpiece is on display on a grand piano at Salvatore’s.

It is difficult to find the perfect places to get married. Will it be at a religious institution?  How many people can it hold? Where will the location of the reception be?  There are endless questions. Seems like it never ends. But, it is okay, it is normal. Every bride and groom go through it. There are so many options for wedding sites, but the most important thing to remember, what does that wedding site look like when you close your eyes…

Once you know that, start looking into wedding sites and services that offer what you need, however, do not forget that someone may provide something that you have not thought of. Take yourselves for an example. You had an idea of what you wanted in your fiancé, but they gave you even more than you expected, and that is why you are getting married to them. You knew what you wanted, but you received a whole lot more. Same goes with your wedding ceremony and reception sites.

At Salvatore’s, to us it is not just about you using our space. To us, it is important that you fall in love with our venue, so that you can treasure that perfect memory for the rest of your life. We want to help make that special day as special as it can be. We have the talent and the resources to do so. When you are going on visits to wedding ceremony sites around Chicago, make sure that you stop by Salvatore’s!

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