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Wedding Locations

You came across the perfect wedding venue, no need to visit other wedding locations…

Inside one of the many connected rooms with table covers and decorations at Salvatore's, one of Chicago's award winning wedding locations.

A look inside the beautiful wedding venue.

One of the open rooms, decorated with lavender tables covers and centerpieces at Salvatore's, one of Chicago's award winning wedding locations.

Beautiful, elegant shades of lavender are used to decorate the room at Salvatore’s.

One of the things that we recommend when looking for the best wedding locations, is to try to envision yourself walking down the isle and then dancing the night away as you tour the venue. Imagine yourself, in a white dress, with all of your loved ones. Look at the design and structure of the venue, and see if it is the best  wedding reception locations that falls inline with what you imagined your dream wedding to be. If you have answered yes to all of these questions, then you have just toured Salvatore’s.

So rather than visit various wedding venue locations, schedule a tour to visit Salvatore’s, one of the best wedding venues in Chicago.



Salvatore’s, a Chicago Wedding Venue | 525 W Arlington Pl, Chicago, IL 60614 | 773-528-1200 |

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