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Vendor Spot Light: Bunches’ owner Marc Waters

It has now been almost a year since Bunches (a flower shop) has relocated to their new dwelling at the corner of Fullerton and Greenview.  The shop has nice large windows that pour light in with exposed brick walls, and even an original library ladder as a working fixture to reach up to the top shelves of their products.  I sat down with the owner Marc to pick his brain about wedding flowers and to learn more about him and what got him into the business of being a florist.

First a little bit about the man behind the business.  Born and raised in Lincoln Park, Marc first got into the industry as a delivery driver for a flower shop (the flower shop that became his own) while he was short on cash as a college student at DePaul where he was studying Art History.  Marc then started doing free lance work during his summer vacations and shortly realized this was something that he could do as a career.  The previous owner quickly saw the potential in Marc and knew he could be the one that took over once she was no longer willing and ready to step down as the owner.  And that is exactly what happened 19 years ago!  With almost 2,000 weddings under his belt and years of experience, this wonderfully soft spoken man has an abundance of information for any one struggling on their step toward finding the right florist.

S: What advice would you give to any newly engaged couple when thinking about decor?

M: Keep it simple!  Weddings are getting more complicated.  Also when thinking about your florals start with what colors you like, and also consider seasonality.  Researching prior to meeting a potential vendor is always a good move.

S: What do you see as the average budget for wedding flowers and decor?

M: For 2017 I was seeing an average of about $4,000.

S: What do you suggest to maximize a couple budget?

M: Know your budget up front and know your limits.  Find a vendor that is willing to work within that budget.  Do not be afraid to talk dollar and cents!

S: How far out do you suggest a couple book their florist?  And do you encourage mock ups?

M: I would suggest booking a florist a year out from the couple’s event date.  Then have the mock up 3 months prior to the date.  This way the flowers they have chosen will be in season and they will have a better understanding of what they might want tweaked for the day of.

S: What is your personal favorite season and flower for weddings?

M: I would say my favorite season would be Fall, because it provides the most options of flowers and many textural elements.  My favorite flower to use in a wedding is the peony, which is not a fall flower.

S: If a couple needs help with a color scheme what would you suggest?

M: Well I think the whole blush and ivory phase is over.  Personally my favorite would be pinks with vibrant greens.  It’s like blue jeans, it goes with anything.

S: When it comes to the day of, what would you steer any couple away from?

M: I would let them know to avoid long gaps between dropping off personal flowers and the actual event.  If personals are dropped off too early there is a good chance they will be wilted at the end of the night if they are not cared for throughout the day.  Also, try not to pick any extremely fragile flower as the boutonniere.  Yes, anomies’ and ranunculus’ are beautiful, but with all that hugging your groom and groomsmen will do that day, you will want to use something that will be able to withstand.

S: What is your favorite type of space to work in?

M: I like spaces with different environments and architectural ornament.  A raw loft like space takes a lot to warm the space up.  So I prefer a venue that already has a romantic, vintage feel.

S: What is your all time favorite flower?

M: The rose.  There are so many varieties, subtle shades, and different openings.  I say ” If you can’t do it with a rose, then you can’t do it”.

S: Lastly, what design style do you think best describes your work?

M: The English Garden style, people never get tired of the idea of fresh picked flowers.  And I never get tired of making it or seeing it!

Thank you to Marc for taking the time to sit with me on a beautiful sunny day in his shop newly located at

1501 W Fullerton, Chicago, IL 60614.